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In 1992, we began operations as a handbags supplier in the Italian fashion industry. Now, we have a showroom in Manchester, UK’s Cheetham Hill. However, offers a huge selection of high-quality fashion products, such as handbags, wallets, and other fashion accessories. As handbags manufacturer, we keep our store current with the newest fashions and trends, we import substantial amounts of fresh inventory every week.

Thus, we are constantly looking for reliable, good-quality vendors from Europe and the Far East. We as handbags supplier provide the newest trendy items to preserve your high satisfaction with us. However, we provide a variety of solutions to match your needs. Whether you’re a retailer trying to fill your store or an individual looking for the ideal handbag. We distinguish ourselves from the competition via our dedication to excellence as handbags manufacturer.


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We as handbags supplier, recognize how critical it is to follow the most recent fashion trends. We do this so that we can provide you with the most stylish and modern handbag designs possible. Therefore, we have something for every taste and desire, from timeless and traditional designs to modern and trendy ones. As handbags manufacturer, we expertly use high-quality materials to ensure they are not only fashionable but also strong and long-lasting.

As a reputable handbags supplier, we put client pleasure first and foremost. We collaborate closely with our clients to comprehend their unique needs and provide specialized solutions. We work hard to deliver a seamless experience, whether you need a large order for your retail business or a single handbag for personal use.



  • Do you provide handbag personalization options?

    The answer is that we do provide bespoke alternatives for our handbags. Our experts can work with you to produce a special and customized product, whether you want to add your logo, alter the color scheme, or change the design.

  • What is the minimum order amount you accept?

    Depending on the type of handbag and the level of personalization needed, our minimum order quantity varies. To discuss your unique needs, please get in touch with our sales staff. We will be pleased to help

  • Can I order a sample first and then place a larger order?

    Yes, we are aware of how crucial quality control is. Before making a big purchase, we let our customers try the goods out with sample orders

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